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Charlie's Vineyard

Charlie's Vineyard

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Serena Valdez By lokiofasgard_ Completed

The summer of 1883 was one that Edeline Trinidad knew she would not forget. When her dream of travelling is finally granted by her parents, she sets out from her small town in Nova Scotia towards New Glasgow- until she wakes up on the train to find herself hundreds of miles past her destination.
    On the other hand, young Charlie Harrington should be happy. After the death of his father, he inherited the family business, and the company of two sorrowful widows- his mother and his sister. Busied with work and caring for his family, he hardly has time to socialise, much less sit and appreciate the beautiful vineyard which he too inherited. 
    All it took was an accidental mix up of tickets for Edeline to find herself in the great, welcoming community of Weaverton, a thriving town at the edge of the great Canadian province, home to none other than Charlie Harrington.
    In a variety of ice cream, medicine, and runaway sheep, Edeline finds her life tangled with none other than Charlie's. But when obstacles come in the way, with heartbreak and her family begging her to come home, there is more than just a blossoming romance at stake.
    All that is left to be said is that things are much more complicated than what appears to the eye. . .
    - - -
  COMPLETED - [ 6. 20. 16. ]
  Cover and trailer by myself
  [ #7 Historical Fiction, 9/29/16 ]

Omg the header is so wonderful, well put together, and tbh so professional? Like this aesthetic blows my mind
The cover is promising alone but the premise is oh so interesting! Can't wait to read this... no doubt you'll be bombarded with my votes soon enough. Can I ask if you had any source of inspiration for this?
shadowsinthestars shadowsinthestars Oct 12, 2016
This was such a captivating prologue and I love how you wrote it. You did a beautiful job on writing it!
Galasriniel_00 Galasriniel_00 Nov 03, 2016
Aww, poor Charlie. Not wanting to take on a whole vineyard by himself is definitely something I would worry about as well at nineteen!
zuko_42 zuko_42 Nov 02, 2016
I ♡ this. Your writing is easy to read, and I'm veeeery curious to know more about Charles Harrington the elder and his most suspicious behaviour...
                              I secretly really enjoy reading historical fiction and this is the first time I'm publicly reading his fic xD
rentachi rentachi Jan 28
Great prologue. It provides an interesting peek into the story's setting, and I love the diction.