Facts about creepypasta

Facts about creepypasta

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Here are genuine facts about some of these horrific serial killers and creepy stories . From slenderman and Jeff the killer to SCPs and horrifying stories, here are facts that just might have you learn a new thing or two. 

Authors note: These are not Canon, but actual things I've had in interest while researching these stories or characters. Leave a comment on what fact you want me to do, or what you think about stories/characters.

All in all enjoy!

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Huh. Who knew math could calculate a ,dead boy who now haunts a legend of zelda game, age.
Mia10509 Mia10509 Jul 01
I was born in 2002, so he died 38 days before I was born QAQ It's kind of creepy when you think abou it ^^;
My bday is 2 days before this day...
                              Thoroughly creeped out
Space_Geek Space_Geek Nov 23, 2016
But wouldn't his age depend on when he was born not when he died
HaileyStout1 HaileyStout1 Jun 28, 2016
My birthday is on the 28 he died 6 days before my birthday...........
But you might want to take into consideration that when being a proxy they don't exactly age like we do