Facts about creepypasta

Facts about creepypasta

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Here are genuine facts about some of these horrific serial killers and creepy stories . From slenderman and Jeff the killer to SCPs and horrifying stories, here are facts that just might have you learn a new thing or two. 

Authors note: These are not Canon, but actual things I've had in interest while researching these stories or characters. Leave a comment on what fact you want me to do, or what you think about stories/characters.

All in all enjoy!

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SeikoSeikogirl SeikoSeikogirl Mar 13, 2017
Huh. Who knew math could calculate a ,dead boy who now haunts a legend of zelda game, age.
Mia10509 Mia10509 Jul 01, 2017
I was born in 2002, so he died 38 days before I was born QAQ It's kind of creepy when you think abou it ^^;
target_Undiscovered target_Undiscovered May 14, 2017
My bday is 2 days before this day...
                              Thoroughly creeped out
False, is Ben was alive now (2018) he would be about 58 years old and he died at the age of 12
VS_Aesthetic VS_Aesthetic Nov 23, 2016
But wouldn't his age depend on when he was born not when he died
simply_creepypasta simply_creepypasta Jan 05, 2017
But you might want to take into consideration that when being a proxy they don't exactly age like we do