Fight Night

Fight Night

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TJ By orange_12_fire Updated Nov 13, 2015

Kick, punch, duck!

Kayla is a misunderstood girl. Just because she is smart and has glasses doesn't mean she's a nerd. But in high school you have to dress to impress to fit in apparently. 

But outside of school she is known as the blood bandit. She is the best martial arts fighter in all of New York. But that doesn't mean she reveals that to the world. She keeps her identity a secret. Instead of the rags she wears to school, she wears riches. But the one thing about the blood bandit is....

Nobody knows she is a girl.

Finally somebody else understands my logic! I will sit in a bath to relax if I'm CLEAN.
So your a girl, you're not easy, so that means your hard...wait!YOU HAVE A DÍCK?! I thought you were a girl...Im confused...
livi_angle livi_angle Aug 01
Well swimming is like  bathing in your own filth with other people and there filth . Gross !
What do ya think swimmin is sweatheart, also couldve been worse bath
Tulip959 Tulip959 Aug 07
I hate baths, if im clean then I'll have one I just can't wash my hair in baths cause it's too long...
LadyZeus1860 LadyZeus1860 Nov 15, 2015
Karate sucks. But the Jackie Chan from Karate Kid is GOOD. But did you know that Jackie Chan actually doesn't only use karate in that movie? He is a martial arts master. He used jujitsu and karate.