Fight Night (On Hold)

Fight Night (On Hold)

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TJ By orange_12_fire Updated Dec 24, 2016

Kick, punch, duck!

Kayla is a misunderstood girl. Just because she is smart and has glasses doesn't mean she's a nerd. But in high school you have to dress to impress to fit in apparently. 

But outside of school she is known as the blood bandit. She is the best martial arts fighter in all of New York. But that doesn't mean she reveals that to the world. She keeps her identity a secret. Instead of the rags she wears to school, she wears riches. But the one thing about the blood bandit is....

Nobody knows she is a girl.

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I'm over here laughing cause this is like the stupidest guy did you not just see how she kicked your ass ...
                                come on Trent like your not even worth a goodbye at this point.
Pastel-1O1 Pastel-1O1 Oct 10, 2017
I have just blank, I see no story. Can someone ease tell me what's going on in this chapter?
TheLoneWhiteWolfx TheLoneWhiteWolfx Aug 16, 2016
Finally somebody else understands my logic! I will sit in a bath to relax if I'm CLEAN.
Boonebandlover Boonebandlover Dec 24, 2016
Trent take a sec and reflect on what you just said😳😬😓
kleptomaniacalweirdo kleptomaniacalweirdo Jun 25, 2016
So your a girl, you're not easy, so that means your hard...wait!YOU HAVE A DÍCK?! I thought you were a girl...Im confused...
livi_angle livi_angle Aug 01, 2016
Well swimming is like  bathing in your own filth with other people and there filth . Gross !