Delightful Insanity | Tate Langdon

Delightful Insanity | Tate Langdon

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This is currently a one-shot. Tell me what you think.

 Disclaimer: I do not claim the characters in this story that belong to their respectful owners as mine. This is a work of pure fiction and anything coincidental is, well, pure coincidence.


The feeling of dread hung around the room, draping over my shoulders like a shawl of disappointment. I sat in the middle of the room in front of the mirror in my underwear, blood staining the white carpet and my knees, dripping from the edge of my wrist. I watched it drip, every drop fascinating me in a way that only I could describe. It wasn't normal, but it was fascinating. The way that the pain seemed to go away with every drop of blood, but return the moment you wake up in the morning with twice as much weight. The cuts increased by the day, but that was the beauty of it.

I didn't understand why I liked to do it, but it helped me cope. I stared at the blood for a while longer...

BobbysPie BobbysPie Jul 10, 2016
Allta_Femar Allta_Femar Oct 11, 2016
Everyone's like "cut vertically" because it's from the show. While I'm like "TATE DON'T ENCOURAGE HER!" 😬
_shazza _shazza Oct 15, 2016
SLIGHTLY? Bitch i would marry that boy in 0.000000001 seconds
lickrobinson lickrobinson Oct 04, 2016
murder house is my favorite and honestly asylum could've been better
teenwolfhorrorstory teenwolfhorrorstory Nov 08, 2016
Im confused. Is this pre-harmon family? Or they just don't exist in this book?
Allta_Femar Allta_Femar Oct 11, 2016
Apparently she needs to have her eyes checked. He's GORGEOUS!