The Chariot DRARRY

The Chariot DRARRY

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RomanceeeeDrarry By RomanceeeeDrarry Updated Feb 11, 2015

Harry and Draco are back in the sixth year and as the saying goes...You never know what's round the corner...

Disclaimer! Miss J.K Rowling has full credit for the wonderful characters she has created. The only thing I am getting out of this story is the enjoyment of writing it!

This is a Harry and Draco if you DON'T like them romantically involved.. Don't carry on reading! There's no point giving yourself eyestrain and then moan about it later! But if you do like them as a couple (if they can get it together!) then by all means read on and tell me if you like it or you think it blows.
Author: Karina4

- - Sep 25
You could almost say they were *puts on sunglasses * supernatural
I have a question when it says Draco is in to girls not boys but blase is talking to him but you said her and blase is a guy so???
So Blaise is now female? What happened to Pansy? Just curious…
😏 you should do eachother😏
                              🌚if ya know what I mean🌚