"Read all you want" - FrankxGerard

"Read all you want" - FrankxGerard

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Kimberly By MerthurIsMyOTP Completed

Gerard is in love with Frank. He doesn't tell anyone.

Frank is in love with Gerard. He doesn't tell anyone either.

They cope with their feelings so different but yet all the same. Fanfiction. 

Gerard writes a lot of Frerard fanfics. He's actually a very well known "fangirl" in the MCR fanfiction fandom.

Frank however, loves reading Frerard fanfiction and does it all the time. 

Little do they know that Gerard writes the fanfics that Frank reads.

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Frankie is so a top. Never a bottom. Damnit Gerard get back in your place.
MCfreakingR MCfreakingR Sep 27, 2016
Uhhhhhhhh I mean- what?! No!!! Uhm ugh I don't- *library overflowing with smut* uhm this isn't what it looks like I swear this is for my uh, grandpa
ibuprofennn ibuprofennn Sep 24, 2016
*Steve Irwin voice* Gerard could be right here and right nowwww
That_PunkPotato That_PunkPotato Jul 04, 2016
Now is really not the time for The Ghost of You to come on... But I dont have the heart to change it
iamthebooestquality iamthebooestquality May 24, 2016
I don't love you, like I did yester-
                              *inhales deeply*
RainbowGerard RainbowGerard Jun 12, 2016
He needs to write that fic he was talking about on Twitter of him and escape the fate in the human centipede