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Claudia By kky_claud Updated May 01

Midnight Achilles Arch was born different.

She didn't cry when she was just delivered. She just blinked her bubbly grey eyes open and started staring at the people around her. She didn't bask in the attention that came with being a royal princess like her brothers and sisters either. She didn't like the thousands of eyes that bore into her whenever she entered a room. She liked her own company and she liked to read, preferably alone or with her

She didn't get her special Xlinx or Vampire gifts when she became 12 either. Her siblings doubted
her genes when she couldn't heal quicker than normal people and was unable run as fast as the wind. But her mother always told her that they were just jealous as she was special in her very own way.

Like the way she could sense danger before something happened, and the way she had a 'friend' who always looked out for her.

And exactly like the way how she revived that crow that hit her bedroom window one evening.

"They tell me I'm different mommy," She had said against her mother's neck late one night as Rose
held her 7-year-old darling in her arms. 

Rosemarie smiled. "You are different, baby girl, but in a good way. You're something special." 

"Like you mommy?" She blinked up at her mom, her grey orbs glimmering under the moonlight.

"Yeah," She kissed her on the forehead, "Just like me...Only better."

*Xlinx: a supernatural creature that has divine special powers.

Spin-off of  Vampire Mates and Dark Mates