Not In That Way | Camila/You

Not In That Way | Camila/You

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normani kordonewithurshit By wakemeupforpizza Updated Apr 20

"Come on, do it." Camila whispers, pushing my shoulder to make me move.

"I'm scared, CC." I whisper back.

This bow wearing chic is cuckoo crazy. She found about my feelings for one of our friends/band mates then the next she's making me marry her. Not literally but you get my point.

And the problem is, Dinah is also my bestfriend. Since kindergarten. We auditioned for X-Factor 5 years ago along with my brother and got put in a 6-piece girl group. That sounded like nuggets from McDonald's.

Also, she keeps going on on how fucking straight she is every single day.

She's like, "Y/S/N (with Dinah) isn't real. I'm straight." or "I have a boyfriend, yes a damn fucking boyfriend." and of course, "I just think girls can be as hot as guys."

(A/N: If y'all don't get it yet, you're the 6th piece of Sixth Harmony and your ship name with Dinah is the most shipped ship in this fanfic and Dinah is super annoyed about people asking her about her sexual orientation. Basically, she's Lauren lol don...

Daddy's* I'm fücking cryingggg 
                              I meant days LMFAOOO 😂😂😂😂
I just pulled a ZAYN bro
                              Bitch I'm going soloooo
                              We litttt
AllyIsWifey AllyIsWifey Nov 09
I'm actually a twin but I'm the oldest and we're both girls just not identical
Hey I told her aśs to back the fück up 
                              Not my fault I gave her aśs a warning 
                              She choose not to take it 
                              And she faced the consequences
Well she actually just did 
                              You know a couple of daddy's ago
AllyIsWifey AllyIsWifey Nov 09
I wasn't expecting this but hey I'm Koo with this😱😱😱😂😁