The Little Things You Do (Destiel/Sabriel AU)

The Little Things You Do (Destiel/Sabriel AU)

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wHOA ✨✨ By ComeAlongHolmes_ Updated Oct 06

Castiel Novak is the new student and has no idea who to talk to. Then the most popular guy, Dean Winchester talks to him, with something Castiel never expected to be told before.

Gabriel Novak helps Sam with a bully when they first meet and they've been inseparable since. Of course Sam tries pushing him away but he just can't. 

((There's also some Michifer in here ehuehuehue))

*looks around nervously profusely sweating*
                              ummm cheese
                              gotTA CHUCK
I love how we all feel for a fictional character if ppl cared about each other this way life would be beautiful
For I have twin boys (which in my family it's common to have multiple sets of twins) I shall name them Lucifer and Castiel
Tardis6742 Tardis6742 Oct 30
This to me is such a weird ship but it's an AU so I will just see how this goes
I thought they were related but then I remembered they made a mini dean
CyberCat17 CyberCat17 Oct 21
"But I'm claustrophobic!"
                              "Well now you can be SANTACLAUStraphobic! Now dive fool, dive dive dive!" 
                              *shoves Melman down chimney*