Rescued by a Gang Member

Rescued by a Gang Member

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Chelsea Chambers By ChelseaChambers8 Completed

This is for 18+. Adult language and situations. Sexual situations and violence. Read at your own discretion. 
Copyright 2015
Kylie micheals wishes she was a normal girl, but being raised by a mother who was a drug addict and prostitute was hard. Being a 19 year old, fresh out of high school makes it hard. Working at a bar, late at night to make ends meet is difficult and she barely eats and sleeps. 

Randy Evans is a 21 year old that has a lot on his shoulders. He's the leader of a ruthless gang and has to ensure all his boys are strong and self sufficient. A lot of them have no family left and when he found them, they became family. 

But the day that randy finds Kylie laying in an alley, beaten black and blue and covered in blood he feels a desperate need to make sure she survives. But she doesn't know what has happened. She has memory of the attack, but doesn't know randy. But now, she can never return to her old life. Can she change the gang member? Or will she die trying?

  • adult
  • gắng
  • love
  • rescue
  • sexual
maunie17 maunie17 Aug 24
Hooeemy gaawwsshh hoe leave he just told yo ass to leave. What you want something to drink cuz you seem thirsty
Genie1022 Genie1022 Aug 19
Is the doctor a traitor?!?!? Why did he give Miranda the elevator code when he knew Kylie was there???
8arikarik 8arikarik Mar 18, 2016
I thought the doctor and Randy were the only ones who know the pin to get in...
live4anime8 live4anime8 Sep 27, 2016
Who says it like that? I literally started busting out laughing.
Monkeyfake Monkeyfake Jan 22
Yeah the flag is racist because no matter what it was made by the confederacy WHO WANTED TO KEEP SLAVERY. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO REMEMBER OR EVEN HONOR THAT? Smh
Monkeyfake Monkeyfake Jan 22
Though some people may genuinely feel that the Dixie flag represents their Southern heritage or commemorates those who lost their lives in battle, the reality is that in far more recent history, the flag has been used as an explicit symbol of racism and racial inequality.