Stranded with my bully

Stranded with my bully

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Caroline By fluffyandme20 Updated Jul 11, 2017

Meet Tarica Willams,a shy 15 year old girl who is a plain nerd,loves school and never gets in trouble,her parents always exp
ect the best in her since shes the daughter of the principal. She especially hates Darren Johnson her number 1 bully.

Now meet Darren Johnson,a hot jock, now when i mean hot i dont mean hot,hot i mean smoking hot all the girls want him all the guys look up to him while hes not sleeping around with other girls hes going to parties ,bullies nerds and rides his motorcycle.

How will a simple school rally for a plane ride to the Bahama's end in a life or death situation for half of the student body? 
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AlligatorPal AlligatorPal Apr 11, 2017
Her own parking lot, or reserved spot? (Not one of those people who goes around looking for mistakes on very book, I'm just confused) how many cats die this make her have...?
jdia01 jdia01 Apr 16, 2017
Can I mention that this book is very similar to the lifetime movie blue awakening or something
brookiedelrey brookiedelrey Oct 24, 2016
When a nerd has 3 friends but u basically have none😭😭😭
iamloveforever iamloveforever Apr 05, 2016
Shouldn't your mom be going with you I mean she is the principal
TheAstronautDragon TheAstronautDragon Apr 01, 2016
Damn the chick got balls first she protects her best friends then back talks I like her already you go girl
TheAstronautDragon TheAstronautDragon Apr 01, 2016
I wonder if kids go up to her and are like your dad made a mistake on the annoucments I would be like umm bitch I can't control his mouth then walk away like a boss