Sunny Days (A Many Brothers Story)

Sunny Days (A Many Brothers Story)

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surejan By xalyssabrookex Updated Oct 16, 2016

Sunshine--or as she prefers to be called, for obvious reasons--Sunny Holland is a 15 year old girl just trying to grown up and have fun. Though she's not quite sure if having 8 brothers helps or harms the process. 

Schools ends and Sunny has the entire summer to enjoy--and sometimes defend herself against--pranks, family get togethers, and, suspiciously, her usually laid-back brothers getting entirely too overprotective overnight, it seems.

-this idea has been done to death, and I know this, but this is NOT an attempt to try to copy others, just know that. Also, do not take my horrible cover-designing abilities deter you from reading this story. Thank you, enjoy reading :)-

callmecharley callmecharley Jul 28, 2016
You sure she isn't the sister of Ponyboy and Soda Pop Curtis?
elb131 elb131 Jul 13, 2015
When my brothers room is messy he loads his crap into my room
soccer3456 soccer3456 Jul 09, 2015
Such a good sentence and it's so true. Why can't brothers learn to keep their rooms clean? It's actually disgusting
JessRoon JessRoon Mar 26, 2015
Oh you mean the girls in my school.... I had to. Get it cause they're snakes and they want to go to college... I think I'm hilarious
accio-dreamscaper accio-dreamscaper Mar 22, 2015
based on this a/n you seem like a very amusing and comedic person and wow I just can't wait to read this story now
accio-dreamscaper accio-dreamscaper Mar 22, 2015
my immature self is forcing me into commenting "did you mean Edward Cullen" but on the other hand I feel bad commenting that without having actually read the books