Burning Alive

Burning Alive

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Gunther West By Gunther_West Updated Apr 18, 2017

My heart held so much hate, the ugly emotion rooted itself deeply into my soul. It grew, and grew till it was all that I am.

The sadness, sorrow, and dejection fed the ugly emotion, 

Transforming me into a person that I no longer knew.

Uprooting this ugly emotion,

Will uproot my very core.

  • abused
  • alpha
  • hate
  • love
  • mate
  • mates
  • mistreated
  • omega
  • reject
  • rejection
  • romance
  • slave
  • vampire
  • violence
  • werewolf
jessi1 jessi1 Apr 19, 2017
Here's an idea for the little description blurb you read before clicking on the read button. If you KNOW saying "there's hot guys inside" is objectification, how bout take it out? Instead of saying it, and then apologizing every time someone reads it, just don't say it. 😊
CharlottesCookie CharlottesCookie Jul 03, 2017
I broke my grandmom's old china once. I think it mustve been expensive, considering I got the beating of my life 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mazagoas Mazagoas Nov 22, 2016
The best YA heroes are always traumatized early in life. Save yo kids, ppl.
Mazagoas Mazagoas Nov 22, 2016
well you could always lie down and wait for death. I heard he's an arse but at least you wON'T BE WHIPPED.
alizaworm alizaworm Apr 05, 2016
Its a good book. Don't stop uodating because its hardbreaking to see a good idea go to waste.
wadashah wadashah Mar 16, 2016
Is it bad that after "...my wounds were sizzling meat on a hot oil." I read , "I gritted my teeth in pan" instead of pain.