This Love ✔️

This Love ✔️

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Lulu Eliot By booklings21 Updated Aug 25

Boring. That is one word to describe Sadie Jefferson's life. She goes to school, is on the honor roll, has two best friends, comes from a wealthy family, and is secretly in love with Lucas Favero, who doesn't know she even exists. 

It's the beginning of every romance novel she has ever read but when she meets an angry and tattooed older boy named Bash, her story begins to take a turn for the worse. 

As much as she wants to never see the boy who almost took her virginity and then threw it back at her face again, she realizes that fate will not let them be apart. 

Besides, Bash doesn't want to run away from the only person who has ever cared for him, even if it was for just a couple minutes.

heyitstat heyitstat Aug 14
Eat food.
                              What? I thought we were naming things we needed to do?
AlyricLamb AlyricLamb Aug 08
Let's get real we all know you know that one person who's always horny or that one fuckboy at your school
xacifba xacifba Sep 16
I can do the perfect arch I just don't have perfect eyebrows kmsssssss
Nooo, that's the number one no no to do if you're in a party/concert..etc. NEVER accept drinks from strangers!
the book won't be blocked it'll be private girlie lol To answer your question the book start is amazing and I am excited to start reading it.
ILiterallyCantDecide ILiterallyCantDecide Oct 25, 2015
I thought that it said 6 but then i read 60 and had a mini heart attack.