Roommates With Benefits - Panty Droppers Series #1

Roommates With Benefits - Panty Droppers Series #1

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Artemis Wolf By TheWritingWolf1 Completed

"An exciting sexy compromise full of pleasure, and this was such a pleasure to read!" - KitKatZhang

"Two broken people trying to mend their pasts, blinded by lust and love. They find each other by chance -or rather a roommate ad online.The perfect combination of passion and promises. 10/10 would read again." - unconsciouslyReading

Adventurous, lustful, comical, just an all around amazing book that took you for a roller coaster ride. Of all the books I've read, so far this is my favorite. 
Highly Recommended!!! - Ellie_Mad1son
He moved closer, so I backed up, till my legs hit his bed. "You know you want to give in to me, baby. And you will. Soon enough." He told me sensually.
 "You're insane if you think I'll let you use me."
  "I wouldn't use you."
    He shook his head. "I would make you discover new places you thought never existed." He told me, his lips almost brushing mine. "I would take you so high that you'll fear falling. I would make you touch the sky, reach the stars, and even see God, Allah, Buddha or whatever entity you believe in. I would open your eyes to new and enthralling experiences, but most of all, I would free you from your taboos."
    Even if he'd been too sensual to resist to, I tried to answer skeptically: "A bit too confident, aren't we?"
    He smirked. "I just know what I want."
    "Doesn't mean you'll get it."
    He smirked again, but this time more smugly, his fingers gently tracing the skin from my cheek to my neck. "I want you, baby. And I will have you. Be it today or tomorrow, you'll be mine. Again. And again. And again. Till you'll recognize me as the one and only man that can have you."
    "W-why would you do that?"
    Another smug smirk, but this time he stroked my cheek with his thumb. "Because I can."
WARNING: this story contains EXPLICIT sexual contents,and when I say explicit,I mean REALLY EXPLICIT. If you're underage,please,skip it,save your innocence.

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mubara786 mubara786 Jan 26
You guys Wattpad stole any innocence I had left in me 😂😂😂
AlyssaBrown AlyssaBrown May 12
I was never innocent. I read a VC Andrews book when I was nine.
*looks here and there worried*
                              Uh....well....I was already came here....
                              * blinks*
                              Oh well....
                              I'm giving it a try no matter what now...
xLilXanx xLilXanx Feb 06
I wish i had my innocence but i stopped believing in it at age 9...what can i say im an advanced learner
nahh i've lost my innocence a long time ago. it's down the drain.
                              *whispers* it's because of wattpad...
Shashirekhakamle Shashirekhakamle 5 days ago
Yeah, m well aware of this story being full of mature content...
                              Which I enjoy!😈👯💋👅