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13 By LuckyThirteen Updated Oct 23, 2011

Hey people ok so I attempted to write a book but that ended in like five minutes when I lost what I just wrote =/. I'm no good at writing fictional anyways. So I'm going to start something new I call it blog, blogging, brain puke but I think it would be cool to get a new section on watt pad called blog. So spread the word about this blog to anyone and everyone. So here we go... 


1. Give me a topic the best topic you can think about and post it to my comments.

2. If you are an amazing topic giver I'll write about your topic.

3. I haven't worked out how I'm going to get your topics on the blog but I guess I can just edit. 

4. I will right every Friday or if It gets extremely popular than twice a week maybe no guarantees.

5. No restrictions talk about anything under the sun.

6. If you have any suggestions any at all please let me know.

7. There may be some topics that I don't have experience with but I'll try to find out more about it.

8. This blog will be forever and eve...