Hello Mr. Gangster [manxman] [boyxboy]

Hello Mr. Gangster [manxman] [boyxboy]

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gu.érison By Misfit_Property Updated Oct 25, 2017

My life was normal. Single parent home who gave strict rules and expectations for me. I soon decided I have only three things to accomplish in life, to ultimately make my father proud of me.




Everything was working in my direction and I was steps closer to my ultimate goal. Closer to being the ideal child my father so deserved. Life was finally gonna be my ideal perfect life. 

Until I met him. I remember when I first encountered him, those dark brown eyes watched me as I walked away. I rushed back to my father and he gave me an rule to follow from that day forward.

"Stay away from that Gangster."

It seemed simple but was far from it. Everywhere I looked he was there and if I didn't see him it made my heart clenching dangerously tight.

Did I mention I am a boy?


Prequel to Prison Wife
Cover by peakybooo

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idontmeserious idontmeserious Jul 11, 2017
Yep @no1_is_nrml but I think I got the name wrong, I think it's "My Vampires Assistant"
Sirius-Kio-Nova Sirius-Kio-Nova Sep 01, 2017
wait towns have a curfew? I'm from England,  I actually only recently found out what a curfew was
no1_is_nrml no1_is_nrml Jul 06, 2017
Everyone's freaking out lol honestly he looks older but I like that he's young
SabineTheWriter SabineTheWriter Aug 08, 2017
Back when I was still innocent and wasn't introduced to the dangerous world of Wattpad
Sirius-Kio-Nova Sirius-Kio-Nova Sep 01, 2017
A girl that is attractive and has a distasteful personality isn't worth her salt, infact throw sallt on her cos demons don't like salt, don't settle for second best (she is 1000955894903th )
idontmeserious idontmeserious Jun 22, 2017
Has anyone seen "the vampires assistant"
                              There's a scene where the main character is get scolded by his parents and his dad stops saying how his supposed to do
                              College. Job. Family. College. Job. Family.