I Just Wanted A Friend

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Kelli By RebelRedneck Updated 3 years ago
Emilie Hart only wants one thing.  A friend. She sleeps on cardboard in the basement, and she knows her parents hate her. On her first day on her new school, she meets a girl named Jenna, that's really nice to her. Will Emilie get to have a friend?
I'm holding back tears right now. D: 
                                    You're a great writer though. <3
Oh my gosh seriously you have me crying! :( to think people do in fact have horrible parents like that... Soo tragic and awful :( but you're a very good writer! 
                                    Voted and Reading on
Awww omg that's so sad!! :( I hate people who laugh and make fun of people who have it hard :/ good chapter though! No grammatical errors which I like (:
                                    Voted and reading on!
Still very sad :/ I feel bad for her... She only eleven!! %uE401 but the story is good(: keep on writing!! :D
Cool story!!(:, but it's so friggin sad...:/ 
                                    I just felt like the story as a whole is moving way to fast... But it was good!(:
Excellent use of the first person narrative in this story! However next time you can give a brief description of Jenna, so the audience can connect on a deeper level with both characters in your writing.
                                    Well done!
                                    P.S : always remember to proofread your work.