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Twisted Memories(A Merlin Fanfic)

Twisted Memories(A Merlin Fanfic)

23.1K Reads 1K Votes 6 Part Story
EmrysTheWarlock By gracieq2001 Completed

It's just an ordinary in Camelot…well as normal as things get around here. Arthur and Merlin are out on a hunting trip by themselves and all seems well…until they are ambushed by a group of Morgana's men. The duo are separated, Arthur just escaping, but Merlin being caught. They take him back to Morgana, where she proceeds to torture him by twisting his memories. Every happy moment, every sad moment, every moment ever spent between Arthur and Merlin is twisted in Merlin's mind, causing him to believe that Arthur wants him dead. Eager to see Arthur's reaction, she lets Merlin go, making it seem that he escaped. When a search patrol finds him stumbling, weak, in the Valley of the Fallen Kings they approach him delightedly, glad to see he's safe. But when they learn the truth will things ever be the same between Merlin and Arthur again, or will he fear Arthur forevermore?

Just by reading the description I know this is going to be dangerous to the feelings
Not to mention he's save your life more times than you can count
holliehindle holliehindle Apr 03, 2016
Oh Merlin... This wouldn't have happened if you used magic... Arthur wasn't paying attention... You have magic for a reason!
YoungKillers YoungKillers Apr 26, 2016
Arthur wouldn't forget. He's a trained Prince and Knight. He wouldn't forget something as important as his own sword.
I loooove Merlin so much! I'm so exited to read Merlin fanfic and also your idea sounds really cool!
YoungKillers YoungKillers Apr 26, 2016
Damn it!!! I did that thing where you're in your own thoughts and have to go back and reread.