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My Vampire Mate (BxB)

My Vampire Mate (BxB)

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Lunatic_101 By GodofDeath100 Updated Jul 10

He pushes me to the wall harshly and i whimper "I told you to stay away from him, didn't i?" His voice is filled with anger

"Yes you did..." I whisper as he pushed me harder into the wall and leans closer, his lips touching my ear

"That's what I thought, i don't want you to ever look, speak, or even flirt with another guy who isn't me. You wouldn't want to make me jealous Zack." He sucks under my ear and I shiver

His hands grip my hips tightly and he rubs his crotch against my crotch roughly, I whimper from his rough actions
"We'll continue this later, you need to leave to work or you will be late, remember, no talking or looking at another guy" he licks my neck and jumps out of the window, running as fast as lighting through the trees 

Sigh, why did I have to have a possessive, over protective, easily jealous, short tempered, vampire mate.

Life can be SO cruel.


Hope you like that little scene *wink*

*Chuckles like a psychopath*
                              I don't suffer from insanity,
                              But I enjoy every minute of it.
woah wait
                               [[ignores that this whole book is based around vampires]] 
                              what the hèll kind of 18 year old that works at hot topic can randomly live alone in a big house?? ain't nobody this unrealistic
Hu_hailey Hu_hailey Mar 16
*Crash sound effects * well there went the fourth wall 
                              *sighs* who has the glitter?
Making my way downtown -screech and blood splatter- Walking faster -footsteps and chuckle getting louder- RUNNING (I'm sorry I had to ok)
Who tf opens their door after they see something move???😕😐
_wonderland_wanderer _wonderland_wanderer May 30, 2016
I just want a guy who has snake bites to match mine lol and he's got them... too bad he's gay