Levi x Reader One Shots (Attack on Titan fanfictions)

Levi x Reader One Shots (Attack on Titan fanfictions)

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Error 707 By Steampunk_shadow Updated Jul 17, 2016

A few Levi x Reader one shots I have written for all you Levi fangirls (and fanboys) out there. 

I will be accepting requests so private message me or comment if you would like me to write anything.

I do write smut, but not often. So don't be shy to ask for a smutty chapter.

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Master_Shell Master_Shell Mar 27, 2017
I get it. He is grumpy all of the time and he is small so he is kind of like the drawf Grumpy.
CepherMari CepherMari Jun 12, 2017
But remember, what really matters is what's in his pants!
aesthetictrashdaddy aesthetictrashdaddy Apr 01, 2017
This story I swear is perfect for me because all of the clumsy things are me like not kidding I went to animatic in Ohio and cosplayed as Levi (funny) and fell face first on The stage as the photographer was taking my picture because I forgot to tie my shoes
__dazai_osamu__ __dazai_osamu__ Apr 30, 2017
4cm shorter than him....... AT LEAST IM TALLER THAN EDWARD ELRIC
noonajj- noonajj- Sep 22, 2017
*dies* @BangtanChingu88 sorry but im preventing myself from smiling cz my bro is here he may think that im crazy
marichat136 marichat136 Nov 01, 2017
Well people do say he has a short temper...
                              Idk y i did this😂😂😂