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I Can't Tell Her (Subaru x Reader)

I Can't Tell Her (Subaru x Reader)

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➵ KT ; 민혁 By sakamaki_triplets Completed

He nervously rubbed his hands. This time was perfect.

He started walking towards her group of friends. Once he reached them, he bravely started.

"Um, hi Y/N, could I er..."

"Oy! Watch out!" 

He dodged the ball that almost hit his face. He continued but was cut short by the basketball players who got their ball. 

"Hey ladies." The team captain greeted them as did the rest of the team.

Both groups conversed with each other, letting him escape the awkwardness.

"I can't tell her." He sighed as he slumped on a nearby wall, but was far away from her, her friends, and those ugly asses. "I can never tell her."


(AN: Hi! KT here! This is a short AU Subaru x Reader. If you'd like realistic things, then this isn't the right book for you because this is a fanfic. The anime doesn't belong to me :)

Cover made by: @skyestorms <<< makes vvv cool covers i swear )

_MC_Rfa_ _MC_Rfa_ Apr 06
Srsly. I don't even know how to play volleyball. I only play basketball ♥
Hayitskin Hayitskin Jun 06
Happy birthday to the #1 perv on the planet! Such an acheivement!
Yuna_grace Yuna_grace Mar 13
I'm offended, since I'm captain of the varsity volleyball team
foreign_mamiiii foreign_mamiiii Sep 02, 2016
Subaru just tell me already like other people better not bother or I'll KILL THEM
WeeabooOnIce WeeabooOnIce Dec 10, 2016
I played volleyball at school once, I'm very competitive though. This girl tried to score a last minute point so I slammed the ball but it hit someone else in the face and knocked her glasses off.
awwwwwweeeeeeeeee my little marshmellow i'd do anything to do something with you