My Personal Butler, My Personal Lover (Gon x Reader)

My Personal Butler, My Personal Lover (Gon x Reader)

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It was all once just another clichéd story of A Walk To Remember. All was just so... scripted and all.

Well, it turned out to be not what I've expected.

A Gon x Reader Fan Fiction


I don't own the main characters (except for the butler), including you. So, the plot's mine and anyone who dares to copy this and make it their own could get their asses kicked by my husband: Killua and my brother: Gon. xD So yah. That's all. :) Read and Enjoy!

I'm thinking of chara right now since she ate a lot of chocolate
my dad has leukemia, personally I think he should have died from it in the first place
Mom: *knocks on the door* unlocked the door Joseph
                              Son: *shakes his head* no!
                              Mom: *kicks down the door* YOU LOCKING DOORS JOSEPH, YOU LOCKING DOORS!!!
                              Son: no!!!
What!!!! Give me Slenderman any day. Gon will get him if anything!!!!
He said 
                              "One Day You'll Leave
                               This World Behind,
                              So Live A Life
                              You Will Remember~".
                              Sorry it popped up ...
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Why does it say "tap here to start writing"? Is it just with me?