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My Personal Butler, My Personal Lover (Gon x Reader)

My Personal Butler, My Personal Lover (Gon x Reader)

11.6K Reads 356 Votes 6 Part Story
MystiqueBlue By MystiqueBlue_08 Completed

It was all once just another clichéd story of A Walk To Remember. All was just so... scripted and all.

Well, it turned out to be not what I've expected.

A Gon x Reader Fan Fiction


I don't own the main characters (except for the butler), including you. So, the plot's mine and anyone who dares to copy this and make it their own could get their asses kicked by my husband: Killua and my brother: Gon. xD So yah. That's all. :) Read and Enjoy!

animelover6768 animelover6768 Dec 27, 2016
Gon: do you like waffles
                              Me: yeah I like waffles
                              Gon: do you like pancakes
                              Me: NO I ONLY LIKE WAFFLES I JUST SAID THAT
                              Gon: OK............
keksteroo keksteroo Dec 03, 2016
Why tf is Gon and Killua fighting, aren't  they super close and are buddies.
A_majestic_otaku A_majestic_otaku Oct 25, 2016
I'm thinking of chara right now since she ate a lot of chocolate
Well when her hand is no longer warm  that is when u say goodbye 
It's nice that you worry about me but what about my damn food?
JaneTheKillerBFF JaneTheKillerBFF Oct 13, 2016
my dad has leukemia, personally I think he should have died from it in the first place