Asymptote  (bxb)

Asymptote (bxb)

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Lia By SuperheroesAndSprite Updated Aug 26, 2016

There is no pain quite like wanting something you can't have, other than wanting something you can have but doesn't want you.

Fortunately, Bailey has a high pain tolerance.

dianaelliee dianaelliee Oct 29
wait this is a boy X girl book? damn I don't read boy X girl WTF. wait what
Wait...fourteen? I mean I am fourteen, but it's weird to read things like that about a character that is my age, lol
too nice as a boyfriend, too *whatevet stupid adjective asa friend to lose. wtf
_Summi_ _Summi_ Oct 31
dude wtf I'm 18 and I've never even held hands with someone...😅 when I was 14 I was still trying to wrap my head around pollination and covalent bonds
_Summi_ _Summi_ Oct 30 ladyboner just died, lit itself on fire, burnt to ashes then drowned in a sea of acid
dianaelliee dianaelliee Oct 29
chennelle MADe it look like MI will break his heart. damn HOpe not