Asymptote  (bxb)

Asymptote (bxb)

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Lia By SuperheroesAndSprite Updated Aug 26

There is no pain quite like wanting something you can't have, other than wanting something you can have but doesn't want you.

Fortunately, Bailey has a high pain tolerance.

If it was me, I'd be like, "Should have thought of that before you dumped me for being too NICE."
Naywonhoran Naywonhoran Aug 09
and you wonder why all guys are assholes...sigh...appreciate the nice guy gosh
I don't think that's ever been a problem in ANY relationship.
I envy them... I can't light those lighters and when I have to light the candles in my house I'm forced to look for those lighters you use for bbq and such...
jaroszkie jaroszkie Aug 23
After reading blaze. for the third time I finally decided to read this and I'm already broken
I hate it how people dump each other but still wanna be friends. Like go awaayyy😞