Mom, Dad.. I'm transgender.

Mom, Dad.. I'm transgender.

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Jai By JaiCakez Updated Jul 07, 2014

Join me as we experience Ashton's battle with this family and his life when they discover...


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speedwagon speedwagon Feb 17, 2014
idk if you're aware of this but if ashton is a transgirl you're basically misgendering her throughout this entire story also "transgender" isn't a noun as in "a transgender" ok
Hitman51 Hitman51 Aug 25, 2013
Seems pretty good, just needs a little work on transitioning from person to person dialog with a little less first person views from anyone but the main character everyone wants to know more about and relate to
JaiCakez JaiCakez Jul 02, 2013
@ARebelAngelForLife That's interesting! :) Thank you for reading and commenting.
ARebelAngelForLife ARebelAngelForLife Jun 25, 2013
freaky O.O
                              My name is Ashley (at first my mom wanted to call me Audrey) and i'm a trangender so i changed my name in Ashton...
writemeamemory writemeamemory Dec 02, 2012
You jump perspective a lot, and the main character is... lacking. If you want to write a trans* person as a character, please make an attempt to educate yourself, otherwise it does come across as offensive and condescending.
JaiCakez JaiCakez Oct 11, 2012
@ImFeelingVeryStill Thanks for commenting! And reading! I should be uploading soon, I didn't think anyone cared about this story.