Just A Roomate? (A Cameron Dallas Fanfiction)

Just A Roomate? (A Cameron Dallas Fanfiction)

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"get up!" my mom yells at 3am. I get up panicking not knowing what's going on.

"mom is everything okay?" I ask in a worried voice. "no sweetie, it's your father. he got. out of. prison!" my mom said between sobs.

But my dad can't be out, how? when? after what he did to us? "mom, you're kidding me right?"

"no honey, I wish I was" I had just realized I was crying when a tear rolled down my face and dropped on my arm. "what are we going to do?" "we are moving sweetie pack your things" I get up and quickly pack my things.

I grab all of my clothes and stuff it into a suitcase then grab all of my personal belongings. "mom, where are we going?" i ask "You're going to Los Angeles" what does she mean. "wait you're not coming?"

"i'm afraid not, if your father tries to come for us he'll look for me first and I'd rather he just get me then you if that ever happens" I can't believe this is happening.

"no mom I can't be away from you" I cry "i will never forgive myself if he does something to ...

araiswhack araiswhack Aug 01, 2016
OMFG are u serious Gurl... That is freaking Cameron Dallas the hottest guy ever💁🏽 also I would be freaking jealous and mad if this happens in real life
freeaskaylee freeaskaylee Feb 28, 2017
i just started reading this and i already know the other 2 books will be great <3