We'll Carry On: Tadashi x Reader [BH6] the sequel to The Black Parade

We'll Carry On: Tadashi x Reader [BH6] the sequel to The Black Parade

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Tadashi-Targaryen (Jess) By Tadashi-Targaryen Completed

Tadashi and (YN) want nothing more than peace as they plan their wedding. Unfortunately for them, that is not immediately possible.

Persephone has accidentally started a civil war in Olympus with her creation of in between. Not all of the gods agree with her; some think that Tadashi and (YN) should not be allowed to live or share their story, especially now that (YN)'s movie has become an international hit. As some of the Greek gods begin to plot against the couple, gods of different faiths also take notice of Tadashi and (YN).

Meanwhile, an unlikely email forces (YN) to face her past and temporarily return to Islamoraica. As (YN) reunites with old friends, she begins to doubt the legitimacy of why she came.

Is Big Hero 6 capable of fighting literal gods, or will Tadashi and (YN) be forced to return to the in between forever before they reach the altar?

"I've been there alone, I've been there with you; believe me, out there there's a jungle. Together or alone, together or alone..."

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