SEQUEL - Was Hating You My Mistake? (Jimin BTS)

SEQUEL - Was Hating You My Mistake? (Jimin BTS)

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love you guys By slaymeyoongi Completed

Son Naomi and Park Jimin have finally got married, until one day something tragic happens that will affect their marriage and lives forever.

What happens if she sees someone she was longing for? What happens if he realises shes not the right one? Read to find out!

NOTE: Before reading, read the story Hating You Was My Mistake which is the first story, so you wouldn't get confused.

Omg bitch no this book just tripped me and I feel like all my spaghetti came out my pockets
Me though (a Virgin and child of god): "I don't understand how I've gained weight"
If Jimin didn't accept that your pregnant I will go to this story and kill hi
aria_hosata aria_hosata Jul 16
yeah I say I'm pregnant, pregnant. Get that child support and pay my rent, pay my rent your opinion is irrelevant, irrelevant ~~😂😂😉
seftlock seftlock Jul 08
the fact that the author mentioned where she left the test in the bathroom is a huge hint that Jimin is going to find out.
Why?!? I expecting when I read it taehyung is Naomi's wife he will didn't die and when he die it's not him and taehyung is just hiding but not