The Nerd And The Bad Boy (slow updates)

The Nerd And The Bad Boy (slow updates)

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kesi_love By kesi_love Updated Jun 26, 2016

"I care about you Violet". Blake trying to convince  me but I try to ignore him

"You don't care  that I'm the one Getting hurt by  you with your secret and lying front of my face" that you can hear the anger and hurt in my voice.

 I turn around to walk away from him, but Blake had other i ideas by grabbed my hand to turn me around to face him that he smashed his lips on mine with so much love in one kiss.

Breaking from the kiss i put my forehead on his " just because you kiss me still doesn't tell me what are your secrets that your not telling me" looking him in the eyes with love and hurt between us 


Violet Bay Valentine. Sarcastic, Independent,Stubborn and shy. 

*Violet is a 18 years old in her Senior year with her best friends all together spend there last time in high school 

*she is a nerd not just any nerd that's gets bully by the mean girls 

*But she talks back to people and will punch you if you talk about her friends or family and the only girl in the family with 10 brothers. 

Blake Alexander Miller is Strong, Dominating, Dark. 

*Blake likes to party with Girls, fighting  and clubbing

*Blake is not a womanizer but likes having fun with his friends and  loves his family  and friends to protect . 

Falling in love is never easy,will Violet and Blake have a chance to find love?

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