Found~(Ame X Reader)

Found~(Ame X Reader)

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Pineapple-Chan! By PierceAllMySirens Completed

This is a Ame X Abused Reader insert. This is the Ame from the Anime Wolf Children! Hope you enjoy!? I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS!!!

You were running away from your parents, they were the worst! You were running through the woods, cuts and bruises covering your small body head to toe. How could they do this to you? Your vision starts fading and you collapse to the cold dirt floor.


Epic_Otaku_ Epic_Otaku_ Jan 08
Awww it's cute I love this x reader Ame is my favorite character XD
Wolfie_JohnnyLover Wolfie_JohnnyLover Aug 14, 2016
Is this like based on a tv series or something cuz I wanna know
XWolfGalX XWolfGalX Feb 25
I wish I was born like that because I love wolves and wolf children the Amine and Manga
awesomejellystar awesomejellystar Jul 18, 2015
I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR ONE OF THESE FOREVER!!! I cried at the end of the movie. I needed mental help. Both times I watched it.
Mr_Gaara_The_Panda Mr_Gaara_The_Panda Jun 13, 2015
I'm sorry to offend u.... If i do.... But..... OH NO I HAVE BEEN BORN WITH EARS!!!! THIS IS TOO UNREAL AND UNUSUAL!!!! XD
PierceAllMySirens PierceAllMySirens Feb 24, 2015
@KatieDawson0 thanks for your feedback! I'll try and get to it!