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Pen Your Pride
What Happens When Your Mate Is The Alpha of The Biggest Pack on Earth!

What Happens When Your Mate Is The Alpha of The Biggest Pack on Earth!

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Abbie By DreamOne Completed

"MINE!" I heard a growl behind me which makes my wolf jump and do some flips. It reminded me of the dream I just had. Well, kinda.... no, not really, but something.

'MATE!! GO TO MATE!! GET SKUM BAG OFF OF US AND GO TO MATE!!' My wolf was screaming at me. Weird because Zec is my mate. He said so himself. But my wolf never freaks like this not even for Zec. And being in his arms doesn't feel right it never really did. So I do what any werewolf with a brain would do, well more like the guy that my wolf was flipping overcame into my view and I was ripped out of Zec's arms.

"GET. OFF. MY. MATE.!!" Zec screamed

"SHE'S NOT YOUR MATE SHE'S MINE!!!" The guy growled back.


the guy looks at the mark that Zec gave me. I felt like crying now. I looked at him and he just smirked and looked at Zec.

"Want to test the mark. You know what they say; only a true mate can change the mark on his mate. So here it is, I'll try to mark her and if I do then everyone will know I'm her TRUE mate, and if not I'll leave right now and forget about the treaty I was here to make with Alpha Black. Deal?"

Isabella Black is a normal girl, well as normal as being a werewolf can be. She's fooled into think that Zec Fib is her mate, but what happens when she finds her true mate? What happens when she finds out he is Jace Blake, Alpha of the Firewoods pack, the strongest pack on Earth? What happens after Zec is killed and everything seems fine?

-gwaine -gwaine Aug 20, 2017
I'm so confused... Did they just get killed in the airport? And wtf?! Wtf kinda plot is this? Your worse than me! And that says something. I'm sorry. I really am. I'm just a very blunt person. And it's *plane. P-L-A-N-E. NOT PLAN!
love_kylie15 love_kylie15 Feb 04, 2017
I love the book but dude can u not spell?? Because im pretty sure plane has an e at the end and those other words 2 dude but other than the spelling and grammer i love the book
v66608286 v66608286 Dec 27, 2016
I know rite jus like that they cant do that the kid has a life and I think she intends to use it
ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Sep 17, 2016
Isabella. Bella. Bella Swan.
                              Jacob. Jake. Jacob Black.
                              Isabella Black. Twilight reference. 
                              I think the author of this book thinks that Jacob and Bella from twilight belong together. Did no one else get this?
Alaeryel Alaeryel May 10, 2014
There are some misspellings but it is definitely an interesting story.
JoeHeimrich JoeHeimrich Feb 18, 2014
Intriguing beginning and I like it.....I can't wait to read more! Thanks, Laura Heimrich.