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We Meet Again (Destiel High School AU)

We Meet Again (Destiel High School AU)

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I need u. I love u. By Destiel7 Completed

Okay, so wattpad keeps deleting my discription and I'm tired of it not showing up! I've rewriten this so many times and it's different every time because I can never remember what it was the last time!

OH! And I spell 'Cas' as 'Cass' because that's how I saw it on Netflix, and in the scripts, so don't scream at me and tell me it's wrong xP for gods sake I've seen it spelled as Kaz before!

Dean Winchester moves back to his childhood home town: Lawrence, Kansas. He had moved away in fifth grade, leaving his best friend behind, Castiel Novak. Now after seven years they meet again and pick up where they left off, only Castiel has changed a lot, but so hasn't Dean. Dean is into nerdy and geeky things where as Cass is into punk things. Castiel is excited about gaining his childhood friend back, but soon starts developing feelings for him. Dean is the straightest guy Cass knows, but little does Castiel know this hunk of a nerd isn't as straight as either of them think. How will ...

MahoganyWitch MahoganyWitch Jul 10, 2016
So were you trying to spell awkward or wayward? I think it's wayward but idk
Casdean69 Casdean69 Jul 09, 2016
Are you sure you weren't reading the Winchesters license plate
fanficAcademy fanficAcademy Oct 08, 2016
I do the same I always spell cas as Cass all because my friend she said" I put the ass in Cass"😂
SingMeSomeDestiel SingMeSomeDestiel Apr 19, 2016
Kaz scares and disturbs me to levels that should not be reached with only three letters
_Lee_xxx _Lee_xxx Aug 06, 2016
it's only acceptable as Cass if it's Cassiel. The angel he is based on.
_Cassbutt_ _Cassbutt_ Aug 21, 2016
I used to spell it Cass because of the subtitles, but people always get upset about it? So i started spelling it cas.