Help Me, Save Me (Ereri)

Help Me, Save Me (Ereri)

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Ambles <3 (inactive) By Amb_Lamb Updated Mar 08, 2015

[Modern Attack on Titan AU]
[Seme!Eren and Uke!Levi]

Levi tended to avoid crowds and any contact with people aside from his two friends Hanji and Erwin. He especially tried to avoid his two bullies: Eren and Jean. 

Today was their last day of Senior year. Hanji forced Levi to a little party at her house. What happens there may reveal a secret side to Levi and Eren no one knew existed, not even themselves. 

Will these secrets change their life as they know it? 
(Possible Jean x Eren x Levi)

How did he know eren was thinking about SOMEBODY when he could have been thinking about food?
DerpFacedCoconut DerpFacedCoconut Nov 13, 2016
*Hugs Levi and gives him a new bottle of Windex* There you go, Levi-San :D
KatieGrason KatieGrason Dec 31, 2016
Did anyone else notice they are being picked up at the same time
demon_of-anime demon_of-anime Jun 14, 2016
Wasent Petra just called one of your only friends in your phone?
DerpFacedCoconut DerpFacedCoconut Nov 13, 2016
*Grabs Petra by her hair and drags her out of the story* >:c
xtheamazingkillerx xtheamazingkillerx Dec 23, 2016
You could possibly be bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, omnisexual I could go on forever.