Help Me, Save Me (Ereri)

Help Me, Save Me (Ereri)

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Ambles <3 (inactive) By Amb_Lamb Updated Mar 08, 2015

[Modern Attack on Titan AU]
[Seme!Eren and Uke!Levi]

Levi tended to avoid crowds and any contact with people aside from his two friends Hanji and Erwin. He especially tried to avoid his two bullies: Eren and Jean. 

Today was their last day of Senior year. Hanji forced Levi to a little party at her house. What happens there may reveal a secret side to Levi and Eren no one knew existed, not even themselves. 

Will these secrets change their life as they know it? 
(Possible Jean x Eren x Levi)

MuneCode MuneCode Jun 16
True love true love it must be true love 
If anyone wants jean to have love. Its gotta b w/ the freckled jesus
StaticCraze StaticCraze Jul 18
So you're not wearing pants, and you're barefoot... interesting clothing choice for a party...
StaticCraze StaticCraze Jul 18
Levi, my child, why are you lying to us? Lying is very bad. You have gay written all over you. Embrace it, embrace the gay.
It's probably bad that I gagged reading the last sentence XD
Shots fired triggered cringe deargodmakeitstopitsphysicallyhurtingme