Supernatural Imagines

Supernatural Imagines

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-Tinman- By -Tinman- Updated Aug 14, 2016

It's late you think as you walk down the now deserted street alone. Then a girl stumbles out of the bar you are passing and you catch her right before she falls on to the cold cement.

"Nice catch" she says smirking

"thanks" you say you then get a good look at her.

She has long dark brown hair with bangs that perfectly frame her freckled face and Candy-apple green eyes that look directly into (y/e/c) ones. Beautiful

"Like what you see?" she says still smirking.

"maybe" you say flirting back as you lift her into the standing position "I'm (y/n as a guy if that's what you prefer)"


"love the name"

"Thanks" she says "Well I have to get back to my motel before my sister has a fit"

"okay" you say still looking into her gorgeous eyes that sparkle against the street light

"Maybe you would like to join me?" she asks raising an eyebrow

"It would be a pleasure." you respond and you two walk with your arm on her shoulders back to her motel room.

Jocelyn_Winchester Jocelyn_Winchester Mar 08, 2016
Interesting. I was alittle confused at what was going on but then I understood. Loo
miranda21lol miranda21lol Aug 20, 2015
hooonnnnnneeeeeeeeyyyyyyy bbee oh and cas your my only honey bee
Wolf_girl1993 Wolf_girl1993 Jun 06, 2015
I was dancing I'm a store and ppl were looking at me crazy, its on you-tube
comealongwinchesters comealongwinchesters May 09, 2015
so gender bender for me! *morfs into dude* my names alex- no! gabriel. they call me gabriel♥♡