Victor's Punishment *Discontinued*

Victor's Punishment *Discontinued*

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Thetinymockingjay By Thetinymockingjay Updated Mar 17, 2016

A Sequel to District 12's First Victor
It's been six months since Anya Hart of District 12 emerged as Victor from the 2nd Annual Hunger
Games. According to the rules, she is now to live a safe and luxurious life.
She will have at her finger tips anything that she has ever dreamed and most
importantly, she never has to enter the arena again.

But breaking the rules must be punished. She must become an example to the victors who follow
for years to come that you can't win the Hunger Games by cheating and get away
with it. How will she be punished? And will it push her past the breaking

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the idea of the Hunger Games. This is a fanfiction of my own creation based
on the concepts presented by Suzanne Collins, author of the Hunger Games Trilogy.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a sequel and it is necessary for you to read the first book first. It
won't make sense otherwise!

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