Sorry I'm Late (Captain America AU) [Steve x Peggy]

Sorry I'm Late (Captain America AU) [Steve x Peggy]

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She thought she had lost him. The last she even heard of him was 'I'd hate to step on your feet.' She hadn't gotten over it since. People had told her she needs to try to move on, but she can't get past Steve at all. His cute smile, his wonderful personality, his courage...everything continues to hit her as the same thought keeps playing over and over in her mind. Could she have saved him? Peggy Carter finds herself at the Stork Club a week next Saturday just as she had made Steve swear to be for their date...alone.

Watching other couples on the dance floor and grabbing a few drinks Peggy wonders what made her want to come there. Even though she knew perfectly well showing up at the date wasn't going to miraculously make Steve come back, she kept getting the feeling she needed to be there. As her eyes scan over the crowd her gaze lands on a figure that's just stepped through the door. His outfit is completely torn and disheveled, he has cuts all over his arms and face, and he looks exhausted. But he manages a smile and a single phrase.

"Sorry I'm late."

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