Highschool days

Highschool days

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loveliness ❤ By lovelike21 Updated Feb 09, 2015


Today is my first day 
Of Highschool!!
I'm so scared but mostly
Excited I get to meet new
People. I'm also sad that I moved
To this place because I miss my friends 
Back at Florida. But anyway I have to deal with it because you know how the hell am I going to get money for a house!!  Anyway i got to go to school.
I go to school and I meet a new friend her name is Julie she is so nice but she only has one problem she is dumb ( no offense) she asked me today  
What is 1+1!! I was like " HOW THE HELL DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT 
ONE PLUS ONE IS!!!!!" She answered but sticking her tongue out I was like 
" bish what". She acts like a baby
Did you know that when she talks to the teacher she talks like a baby!!! 
I mean who does that anyway I saw this cute guy and he asked me out I 
Was surprised that he did that cause 
I mean he doesn't know me!
I said " I'm sorry I just don't know you so I can't say yes."he looked at me and said " sorry to ask you." Then he puts a smurk on his face."

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