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Project Atlantis: Ocean Princess

Project Atlantis: Ocean Princess

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Amethyst Blade By EricHarrySelvig Updated Feb 10, 2015

Its the dawn of the 21st century and Amelia Barton is standing strong pushing to change the world. Little does she know she will be at the forefront of the next millenniums greatest discovery.

Jake Wilcox is one of the youngest members of the department of magical investigations in wizard history. His assinment? To guide protect those on the atlantis expedition. 

Together, these two unlikely heroes, along with a cast of misfits and geeks, will discover Atlantis, the stronghold of the most powerful magical empire in history, and take their place in a land of  giants.

  • atlantis
  • day
  • fiction
  • magic
  • modern
  • ocean
  • tecnomancer