The Slut Diaries (boyxboy)

The Slut Diaries (boyxboy)

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Aislin Blair By HalcyonDreamer Updated Nov 09

You know that one girl at school who is gorgeous and could sleep with anyone? Well at Petrova High you have Austin Marshall. He's that girl...well guy. With his feminine features and feminine curves and the fact that he's openly gay makes him the aim for all the guys at his school. 

Then you have Jackson Hamilton. Rich, hot, smart, sexy and a total sex symbol. What happens when Austin wants him? 

Rumors. Rumors everywhere. Not only is Austin a figure of lust and objectification, he is also the school's slut. Being a master of seduction he gets anyone he wants but his strength is overestimated. Jackson finds that out and takes complete advantage.

Will Austin be able to escape Jackson's web?

How does one forget how to be angry? As for me, it's programmed into my brain and I could never forget....what was I talking about?
I beg you, update! Its one of the best book I've ever read!!!😐🙃😊💙💚💜💛👍
Some reason I thought he was gonna blow Jayceon, but unfortunately that didn't happen :(