Clace (no name)

Clace (no name)

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What?! By KymCrawford Completed

Jace POV

"Ughhhh" I hear then a loud thump. I shot up off my bed and ran down to the entrance of the Institute to see Clary mumbling away at her self about some girl who spilled her lunch all over her WAIT WHAT. " Clary what happened?" 

" That BITCH happened" Woaw I've never heard her swear before. "What did she do?" She turned and looked at me with a sad look on her face. "She called me a slut because all my runes were showing which she thought were tattoos and she pushed me against a wall poured her lunch all down me and because the shadow hunters arent  supposed to cover their runes up the only clothes I can wear are tank tops boots and extremely tight jeans so she called me a slut and grabbed my shoulder where my scar is and pulled me to the ground." Anger flared up in me . "Okay that's it your not going back there." I stated, she looked up at me with sad eyes. "Come on Jace you know my mum won't let me train as a Shadowhunter if I don't finish High school" It took me a minute th...

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I can only imagine Magnus as an art teacher and handing out glitter.
LexiMarie06 LexiMarie06 Aug 01, 2016
*Magnus as a teacher* "Well hello biscuit ,"talking to Clary" Will you please read out loud !!!
pebblessmileyface pebblessmileyface Dec 27, 2015
I can just imagine Magnus as a teacher 
                              I'm laughing so hard right now