Promise (A Michael Jackson Fanfiction; Sequel to Oath)

Promise (A Michael Jackson Fanfiction; Sequel to Oath)

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fanofmj By fanofmj Updated Sep 14

Their life together had become perfect-too perfect.


I could feel my blue eyes shining, but not with their usual happiness and love. They were shining with sudden unease, worry, and sadness. "Do you really have to go?" I finally whispered in response, my voice small.

Michael ran his hand over the soft skin of my cheek. "I wish I didn't, but I do," he sighed. "But I won't be gone for long. I'm not letting them keep me away from you like that."

"What if something happens when you're gone?" I asked, my tone thick with worry.

"I won't let anything happen to you two," Michael told me firmly yet softly, leaning his face even closer to mine.

"You promise?" I questioned in a hushed tone, our lips brushing together.

"I promise," Michael responded, but I couldn't help noticing the slight unease that clouded his eyes as he fully pressed his lips against mine.


Michael and Maeve Jackson had the perfect life after Anthony Greene was sent to prison. The next few years had been peaceful and joyous for the newlywed couple. However, as Michael's management forced him to go on tour to promote his latest album, Maeve and their daughter Mirielle were left behind. As the distance between Michael and his family grows, the promise Michael's made becomes looser, to the point where it may be broken, no matter how much purpose is behind it.

I just wanted to say that you are an amazing writer. I've been reading this story for a while now and you have inspired me to make my own. You are amazing<3
Pisces4life Pisces4life Jul 21, 2016
Hahahahahhahahaha am I the only one who thinks it's hilarious when Katherine scolds Janet?
MyNameIsMango MyNameIsMango Dec 24, 2016
Now I won't be able to stop thinking about west world when I read their
Pisces4life Pisces4life Jul 21, 2016
I love how Michael showers her with kisses first. I know husbands can get excited when the baby is first born and they immediately want to go over and see it, but I think it's so sweet when they take a minute to hold their wife
I do not like this!! Why not be like Oath, but with a death? No rape! 😭😭
Pisces4life Pisces4life Jul 21, 2016