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Her Name Was Abigail {Elijah Mikaelson}

Her Name Was Abigail {Elijah Mikaelson}

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sarah. By imindenialler Completed

There once was a girl that captivated me. I studied every inch of her when she was not paying attention. I watched the way that she would move gracefully through a room and of course couldn't help but notice the way that other men would watch her. They infuriated me. At times I could hear their thoughts and see the images of them with her play out in their minds. 

They didn't care for her the way that I did. They only viewed her as a prize, a trophy they could place in their homes. She was always more than that to me. She was the light, the path that I had to follow in order to gain my salvation. Everything about her was magical, yet still enveloped in the irony of her being just the opposite of her being a person of magic. 

She was innocent. Pure. Someone that I knew that I could always trust. Her name was Abigail and she was the true love of my life.

- Elijah Mikaelson

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any characters created by Julie Plec. I am not affiliated with the CW or the television show, "The Originals." This story is purely for entertainment purposes.

Trailer: @Tinkertaydust

Completed: October 22, 2015

feyre_nightcourt feyre_nightcourt May 01, 2016
You are an amazing writer!!!! I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK ALREADY!!!!
thewriterbritney thewriterbritney Mar 10, 2016
Is she still alive in 2015? R that together? Ugh the suspense is killing me!
thewriterbritney thewriterbritney Mar 10, 2016
I love this so far! But im scared that since it says her name WAS abigail that their not gonna end up together
Love_VK41 Love_VK41 Mar 07
The reason why I became to love Elijah is because how badass he is when it comes to protecting Hayley and her child
abby_loves_books abby_loves_books Oct 03, 2015
Okay my name is abigail and I feel like he's talking to me :0
salvawhxres salvawhxres Aug 20, 2015
me too, me too, and me tooooooooo! bro i love this so much and i cant wait to continue reading this when i can(: