The Bear

The Bear

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Claire Cameron By claire-cameron Updated Feb 09, 2015

In October 1991, two campers were attacked by a bear on an island in Algonquin Park, 3000 square miles of wilderness. Their partially eaten remains were found five days later. A large male black bear was standing guard over their bodies.

The summer after the attack, I worked as a camp counselor in Algonquin Park. I heard many stories and theories about what happened. They were whispers around the campfire at night, all of us searching for the consolation of control, the comfort of story.

I have encountered many bears in the wilderness since then. I know that it was an unusual event. Still, more than twenty years later the bear attack haunts me. Why did it happen?

When I made plans to take my family on a canoe trip in Algonquin Park, I found myself wanting answers. I started a search.

My novel THE BEAR is based on that search. The story comes from my memories and research of this attack. When I started to write the novel, I had a child's voice in my head. I made it about a family. I added the kids.

This prequel is only available on Wattpad. The story continues in my novel, THE BEAR.

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