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Kendyl By Moxi16 Updated Aug 02, 2011

Phoenix Baker’s life is slowly falling apart. Her parents are fighting, her little sister, Paisley, gets diagnosed with bone cancer, and her brother, Parris, goes through a perpetual state of sorrow when the love of his life dumps him.  
To make life even better, the guy she likes hates her and everyone at her school makes fun of her because she aplastic anemia, a bone marrow disorder which causes easy bruising. Phoenix makes it her goal to finish school on a happy note and to re-friend Dallas, which might be harder than she thinks. Can she do it? Or will her life crumble to pieces?

PS: This is a teen FICTION, so the facts might not be right, and easily bruising is the only thing that happens to her with the aplastic anemia, so not all the other symptoms happen because this is a teen FICTION... sorry just had to get that straight(:


  • baker
  • bone
  • cancer
  • celiac
  • dallas
  • disease
  • hatred
  • love
  • paisley
  • parris
  • phoenix
  • school
  • skin
Moxi16 Moxi16 Dec 28, 2011
                               I LOVE MORE. <3 And good(:
                              Thanks(: it did. Oh, but the CAPITALS are there because they're yelling. It gets the point across. Most people do it.
Moxi16 Moxi16 Jun 08, 2011
                              Thank you!! And yes, it's Skin So Soft like the Avon product......... hahaha It was just gonna be Skin but it was too short so yeah. Hahaha thank you anyway!
watermelon21 watermelon21 Jun 08, 2011
all your books will be great because you actually have a skill for writing ;) but Skin So Soft has such a great plot...im already waiting for the next chapter and im only 4 pages in!!! <3 
                              good luck!!!!!!! and yess, no more facebook fighting!!!!!!!!!!! :3
Moxi16 Moxi16 Jun 08, 2011
                              Awww you're so sweet!! I will upload more and NO MORE FACEBOOK FIGHTS! I'm really glad you like it:) makes me happy:) I kinda like this plot better that Bruised and Broken, but I'll still keep doing that one too!