Our Fate.

Our Fate.

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Maddy.! By Proud-To-Be-Muslim Completed

[ #225 in Romance. 11/12/15]

"We are Married" Three words break everything in Khadija life. How easy it was to break wedding before the actual date?

What will you do when you get to know your sister and your fiancé were already married? Will you
forgave him and accept their marriage or kick them out of your lives? What Khadija do when she know about that bitter truth of her sister and her fiancé? Did she forgave them? What she do to get out of this shock? Did she find someone else? What happen when Rauhan and Khadija accidentally meet? Want to know? Then Start Reading!

Khadija Saeed 24 years old mature girl. She is loving and caring for other. She was getting married to her love Zaid. But then something happen which left her in shocked. Her fiancé left her and marry her sister. She was all Shattered. She promise her self not to fall for anyone again. She was hurt. But then suddenly a guy came and changed her life when she went to attend her best friend brother wedding.

Rauhan Malik 25 years old a funny, loving, caring guy. He cant see anyone cry, sad or
upset. He meet Khadija when he came to attend her twin sister wedding, he see something different in her. When he know about her he try to make her feel happy. Did she let him step into her
life? What happened when he tried to get into her life against her will?

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The grammatical mistakes, are ruining the entire plot of the story. Please try to fix them.
Chocolate_Lovely Chocolate_Lovely Mar 27, 2016
You are a talented author, don't listen to what other rude people have to say. Jazakallahu Khairan, it was amazing and left me in a mood of pure happiness!
ZadiBabi ZadiBabi Oct 14, 2016
I don't think the author's first language is English, is it?
Fateema_amma Fateema_amma Jun 17, 2016
Wonderful beginning .I will kill both of you right there and then.😠😠😠
introvertsince01 introvertsince01 Jul 31, 2016
Author, i like your story...i just wanted to tell you that uf you're writing something in the past, continue it writing in past, you're writing some lines in present and some in past. You're story is good but just correct these mistakes. They are really ruining your story 😊
marliyafaw marliyafaw Dec 17, 2016
It's a beautiful story.....loving the plot amazing Ma sha Allah