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Life of Percy Jackson ( Pertemis)

Life of Percy Jackson ( Pertemis)

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yacy55 By yacy55 Updated Jan 01

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MonsterMan5 MonsterMan5 Aug 03, 2016
Im sorry but each chapter seems more like a quick summarry than a real story
missmysterious56 missmysterious56 Jul 21, 2016
                              HAHAHAH JASON PROBABLY DESERVED IT
snowflakefrozenseal snowflakefrozenseal Nov 15, 2016
Apollo was twerking in Percy's face, then he FARTED in Percy's face. My, my. What have we done to our brains. WHO AM I KIDDING?! THIS IS NORMAL!!!
Faydee239 Faydee239 Dec 23, 2016
I don't think twerking  was even invented in the Percy Jackson age
MoriTiAmore MoriTiAmore Nov 26, 2016
Question.... Is Aphrodite drunk? Second how did word get out so fast that Annabell and Percy broke it off I mean it was most likely hades because Jason died and was like "yeaaah I was making out with his girlfriend and I miiight have gotten stabbed" XD
Untamed_Vision Untamed_Vision Jun 16, 2016
Soo...many.....spelling......mistakes......Legacy......of.....athena.....must.....correct *dies*