Fairy tail mating season

Fairy tail mating season

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NaLu_shipper_always By NaLu_shipper_always Updated Jan 01, 2016

"It can't be that bad right?"

No one was expecting this. The plan was ruined and everything turned bad shit crazy. What can they do? What could they do? Those four girls are going to get their way even if it means by force. The guild couldn't help the boys much so it's basically survival. Can the boys try to save each other will the girl take total control?

Read to see the stages of mating season.

Warning: cursing and lemons 

Characters own by Hiro Mashima

smolwillow smolwillow Jul 06, 2016
I read the first 2 sentences and I already found mistakes .-. (( Sorry Author-chan ))
thelilneko09 thelilneko09 Jul 06, 2016
Lluvia doesn't mind getting wild towards Gray-sama at all. *smirks*
                              W GRUVIA ❤
GreninjaKalos12 GreninjaKalos12 Aug 19, 2016
                              Why the hell Lucy became like Natsu?!?!
anime123reader anime123reader Aug 17, 2016
Wolfblitz4 Wolfblitz4 Aug 17, 2016
NOOO MY SHIP IS NOT WORKING FOR THIS BOOK why whatever I came here mostly nalu and gale