Kuroko no Basket - Reverse Harem (Middle School  Era)

Kuroko no Basket - Reverse Harem (Middle School Era)

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Miko12318 By Miko12318 Updated May 11

Fujimoto Yuki is not your ordinary girl and will never be. Many things have happened to here but she has overcome these obstacles. But will she overcome more when she goes to Japan and gets into Teiko Middle School?  Meeting different people who will change her life as feelings start to bloom, will Yuki survive all of this drama? What's going to add up to her not so ordinary life?

Cover Creator: @Random-Pizza_

Yay thx for making the main characters   name Yuki coz that my F/N
Sorry but the big word "depressing" made me laugh for some reason. Maybe it's because she said it to a little girl XD great story so far though!
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BabLewi BabLewi Jul 15, 2015
This is a good story but it really isn't a harem. And if it was supposed to be it should have been from kurokos perspective.