Signing His Life (complete)

Signing His Life (complete)

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Anthony By AnthonyRabbit1 Completed

Foster child Emily has come to a town of mischief, and surprises. She learns she will be staying here for longer than expected.

Trying to find a decent person to talk to at school, only leads her deeper into the sharks nest. Her foster mother seems to be disgusted by her, and her classmates see her as fresh meat.

As if a rainbow formed in a cave, Jonathan came into her life. Knowing how it felt he helped her. After all he was deaf, many students looked at him like a walking circus. From past experience, Emily knew how to sign. 

Jonathan signed to Emily a lot. One thing he didn't sign was his childhood. Or the fact that he used to be abused, and was currently homeless.

Emily also meets many interesting, and colorful people, such as Hannah and Mr. Tanner.

Emily takes many twisting turns, while putting together the pieces of Jonathan signing his life.

In this book, it goes back and forth between flashbacks and the present. Many flashbacks involve Jonathon's life.

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DallasBabe4Ever DallasBabe4Ever Jul 04, 2016
I love this dudes mind!!!!💗💗💗💗 he is so smart and care!!!! I can tell already! And you are starting the book off amazing💗👍
CCgummies CCgummies Aug 14, 2016
How does this guy not appreciate his awesome snake whispering skills I mean not everyone can pick up a snake and not get bit