A Night With Mr. Pervert

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Devie By devilish_laydeh Completed
The story starts with a mistake... Could it end up in LOVE? Find out. [DO NOT READ, INEEDIT PA BAKA MALITO LANG KAYO]
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Author kailan po next UD nyo ??? excited n po ako sa nxT chap.... :)
Authorrrrrrrr! :"> Yuhoooo! Hihi. ;)))) One of the silent reader! Achuchu. UD na powss! :))) Yeeeeeeey! tenchuuu. ;>
UD na po . kabitin Eh........Excited na ko sa nextChapter UD na po please :)))))
Authorrrrr! UD na please? : ganda na nung flow ng story. Kaso ng la lang bitin. So please please please mag update ka na pooooooo. =)))
pag nagging book  to ! uuna na ako0 sa pila :D 
                                    Pero ms. author tapusin mo po :))